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How it Works:

There are some major flaws in the "lesson model" of training. Our Remote First model was designed to create the most holistic and beneficial training experience for all of our athletes. 


Step 1: Evaluation

Each of our athletes receive a comprehensive analysis to identify their:

  • Mechanical Needs

  • Strength Needs

  • Movement Efficiencies / Deficiencies 

  • Nutritional Needs

This process will include a 45+ minute meeting to begin building a relationship and gain valuable information about the athletes history and current practices.  

Image by Katrina Berban

Step 2: The Commitment

Following their evaluation, athletes receive: 

  • Personalized monthly strength program

  • Personalized throwing program with weekly video breakdown

  • On going arm care regimen 

  • Nutritional guidance

Everything in the program is tailored to the athletes specific needs.

Everything can be done remotely with weekly in person training opportunities provided.

Strong Man

Ages 14+

10+ hr/week

 100% Customized

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