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Online Pitching Training

Data collection and feedback are essential pieces of the training puzzle. We are able to collect data and provide high level feedback 100% remotely when needed!

Common Questions about "Remote First" Training

What does “REMOTE FIRST” mean?


Lights Out is a “remote first” program. This means several things. First of all, it means that this program can be done 100% remotely with little to no in person training. In fact, even if you do take advantage of frequent in person training, a majority of your work will be done on your own.


How does remote first work? 


The short answer is, communicate often, video everything, and ask questions.


A coach doesn’t need to be in person to “get eyes on you” - but this means you must live up to the expectation to send regular video to your coach, and complete your lifts properly. 

Does "remote first" mean I can never train in house?

No! All Lights Out athletes are allowed to train in house at no added cost. For more information, please visit the In House Training page.

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