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Lights Out Performance and The Virginia Vols

Lights Out Performance and The VA Vols are incredibly excited to collaborate and provide a top teir training experience! 

Baseball Gloves

What is Lights Out?

Lights Out Performance is a baseball performance training program that focuses on the speicalized needs of baseball players. Our specialties revolved around the strength needs of a baseball player and creating long term arm health and sustainable velocity gains.


Becoming an elite baseball player requires an array of physical and mental demands. We believe becoming elite comes down to addressing a baseball players needs in 6 different categories, in no particular order: Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition, Movement Quality, Arm Care, Mechanics, and Mentality.

It is through this lens that we individualize our athletes training programs to address their specific needs. 

Kettlebell Workout

How can you utilize Lights Out as a Vols player?

Option 1.

Arm Care Program and Monitoring

This will provide your athlete with a thorough assessment of current arm health. Players will be given an arm care and throwing routine based on their needs with regularly scheduled reassessments to monitor health.

Option 2.

Strength Training Program

Players will receive a movement assessment to determine their movement needs. They will have a strength program built out for them which they can perform either remotely or in our facility.

Option 3.

FULL Lights Out Experience

Please visit our whole site to learn more about the full Lights Out Experience. VA Vols players will receive a 10% discount for our program!

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